Build With Cimmaron International Corporation

The scope of modern international construction, with its great diversity of specifications and national standards, together with the constantly fluctuating prices of material in various countries, requires that an effective engineering sales organization must be international in scope. For this reason Cimmaron International Corporation maintains full service activity centers in the United States, Europe, The Middle East, The Far East and South East Asia through its branch offices, agents and representatives. This enables our customers to benefit from our ability to provide competitively priced materials that can meet any international specifications with materials from countries and locations that best suit the project requirements.


Cimmaron International's involvement in numerous projects in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and The Middle East, makes it one of the most experienced export distributors in the United States.


Cimmaron International functions as a recognized electrical, mechanical, plumbing, fire fighting and fuel products distributor, receiving and extending discounts by dealing directly with multiple manufacturers, domestically and internationally . Combining inquiries or purchase orders for better manufacturer's quotations and possibly offering alternate competitive sources for every product. Further, domestic U.S. prices are often lower than international prices for products of the same manufacturer. Cimmaron is aware of all such differentials and passes the savings along to our customers.