Key Personnel

The key executives of Cimmaron International Corporation have a combined total of over 100 years experience in overseas construction, engineering, materials supply and installation. They have lived in, traveled in, supplied and/or installed materials in many countries on every continent in the world. They are degreed and qualified engineers in the electrical, mechanical and plumbing fields.

Engineering Capabilities

Cimmaron maintains a staff of highly qualified engineers and architects who are specialists in the various areas of material application engineering. We thus offer complete engineering services along with the supply of products. This of course includes and is not limited to: - product selection to meet contract requirements and specifications - preparation of submittal and technical data for the consultant's review and approval - assisting in design or redesign (where necessary and required) of complex systems - attending engineering meetings and offering in-depth product or system information.

Order Service/Shipping

Our knowledgeable and competent staff assures that each order is processed properly and shipped quickly and efficiently. We provide our customers with bi-weekly reports fully detailing the status of each item ordered. Our network of warehouses receives and consolidates the products of the many manufacturers which comprise a typical order. Our staff oversees the loading of these goods into suitable ocean shipping containers and routes them in the most direct, efficient and expeditious manner to their destination. We also arrange for air freight shipments if and when necessary at very competitive rates.